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Employee Journey Mapping

Are you struggling to find internal talent ready to take on leadership roles? Do you have talented people you would love to promote but they are missing a few critical skills, hard and soft? 


The proverbial career ladder has been long gone, and we now see the rise of employee journeys that look more like subway maps rather than linear upward paths. This can make it harder than ever to identify and develop internal talent if you aren't actively investing in development for your employees.

We offer:

Competency Determination

  • Determine competencies based on role and/or level

  • Determine what high and low competency looks like

  • Determine role and level based on our competency matrix


Role & KPI Alignment

  • Revise job descriptions as needed

  • Revise KPIs as needed to support competency matrix


Learning Transformation Roadmap

  • Conduct a Gap Analysis through interviews and surveys of employee and leadership sampling groups

  • Create a Learning Transformation Roadmap that lays out the steps needed to create and align training with the new competencies, roles, and KPIs at your organization


Implementing the Employee Journey

  • Build out the development paths needed to support the growth and sustainability of your business

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